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I don’t remember if I ever blogged about role-playing. Well, it can be fun 😉

A few years ago I was dating a very kinky Argentinian guy that was living here for some time. He had a thing for playing “good girl / bad girl”.

It is very simple actually, but pretty effective too.

Good girl act: he’d sit me on his lap, while I acted all sweet and innocent. He’d caress my legs, moving up to my thighs. “Oh, I don’t think this is right..”, “Don’t worry, just let me show you something”, “Ok, but only one thing”. He’d slide his fingers under my skirt and touch me slightly, slipping his big fingers under my panties, to feel my wet and warm flesh. “Oh, oh, is it wrong if I like this??”, “No dear, it is ok, everybody else does it”. He kept fingering me, while he unbuttoned my shirt… “is this ok too??”.

He lifted me and placed me on the bed softly, I watched as he undressed, and look with astonishment at his cock. “wow, that is so big!”, “don’t worry, I’ll be gentle”, “what should I do now??”, “come and give me a kiss”, “sure”, “no, not on the lips, here” holding his hard cock to me.

I’d indulge him in every aspect, I’d let him fuck him however he wanted, without trying to take control once, pretending to be surprised at the pleasure and ecstasy. It is fun to yield control every now and then…

Bad girl act: I’d come wearing slutty black underwear and pumps. Push him a bit roughly to the bed and tied him up firmly to the bed posts. Then I’d blindfold him, and if I was feeling especially naughty I’d tie his feet too.

I’d tease him, lick him everywhere, give a soft bite every now and then, breathe next to his neck… When he was about to explode I’d use my mouth to put the condom on him, while scratching the inner side of his thighs with my nails. Then I’d ride him like a proper cowgirl. When I felt he was coming I’d slow down a bit, and the fast and hard again. I was in control, and he knew it, he was not coming untill I had, at least 3 times.

Gotta love a man who is willing to yield all control to the girl. At least I do 😉


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