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I don’t remember if I ever blogged about role-playing. Well, it can be fun 😉

A few years ago I was dating a very kinky Argentinian guy that was living here for some time. He had a thing for playing “good girl / bad girl”.

It is very simple actually, but pretty effective too.

Good girl act: he’d sit me on his lap, while I acted all sweet and innocent. He’d caress my legs, moving up to my thighs. “Oh, I don’t think this is right..”, “Don’t worry, just let me show you something”, “Ok, but only one thing”. He’d slide his fingers under my skirt and touch me slightly, slipping his big fingers under my panties, to feel my wet and warm flesh. “Oh, oh, is it wrong if I like this??”, “No dear, it is ok, everybody else does it”. He kept fingering me, while he unbuttoned my shirt… “is this ok too??”.

He lifted me and placed me on the bed softly, I watched as he undressed, and look with astonishment at his cock. “wow, that is so big!”, “don’t worry, I’ll be gentle”, “what should I do now??”, “come and give me a kiss”, “sure”, “no, not on the lips, here” holding his hard cock to me.

I’d indulge him in every aspect, I’d let him fuck him however he wanted, without trying to take control once, pretending to be surprised at the pleasure and ecstasy. It is fun to yield control every now and then…

Bad girl act: I’d come wearing slutty black underwear and pumps. Push him a bit roughly to the bed and tied him up firmly to the bed posts. Then I’d blindfold him, and if I was feeling especially naughty I’d tie his feet too.

I’d tease him, lick him everywhere, give a soft bite every now and then, breathe next to his neck… When he was about to explode I’d use my mouth to put the condom on him, while scratching the inner side of his thighs with my nails. Then I’d ride him like a proper cowgirl. When I felt he was coming I’d slow down a bit, and the fast and hard again. I was in control, and he knew it, he was not coming untill I had, at least 3 times.

Gotta love a man who is willing to yield all control to the girl. At least I do 😉


Like a year and a half ago, I met this very cute and a little shy Canadian guy when he was here visiting some friends. He only got the courage to ask me out the day before he was leaving (I will always complain about that!).

Of course I said yes (he was so cute, tall, thin, and had boyish hair). We went for dinner and drinks at a local pub that I am starting to call home. We clicked very quickly, and had a lot of fun. After a few drinks we decided to go for a walk, cos the night was so nice. We talked and walked, and when it got chilly we went to my car, that is a small, compact car (little pollution, easy to park!).

We started making out in no time, and eventually we decided to take it to the back sit. It was hilarious to see him try to manoeuver to take off our clothes in the car. Obviously we managed to do what we were attempting to, but I regret no having had some more room, I think we could have had so much more fun. Tho the whole we-can-get-caught thing adds a bit of adrenaline 😉

Well, we never met again, but we’ve kept in touch all this time. He keeps telling me he would love to move here once he finishes his studies. I don’t really see that happening, but who knows, maybe we could finally have sex in a decent place, more comfortably (and maybe for a longer time…)

So, this Brazilian guy was spending 3 weeks in my city, and his bday was 3 or 4 days before he had to leave. I thought it was lame that he had to spend his bday alone so I gathered a few friends and went to a pub and then to a disco. He was very grateful, and I was growing fond of him. Not the pretty type, but he was tall and big, and that’s something I do like. (Tall is over 1.80 at least, for me)

We were dancing and had had a few too many drinks, as usually happens, and I had this brilliant idea: I had to give him a bday present!!! It didn’t take me much drunk thinking to figure out the most “handy” present, lol.

I asked him to go outside to smoke with me to “test the water”… yup, he was willing, and I found out later he had had that idea for some time, but for some silly reason didn’t act on it.

We sneaked out of the disco, and we walked to his apartment, stopping to make out every now and then.

Well, he was my first Brazilian, and he didn’t disappoint me one bit. He was eager but took his time, was creative and had lots of energy, for the three times….

We met again a few times, here, and in his city later the same year, but we never had sex again, I was already busy with another guy by then. But we remain friends tho, colourful friends 🙂

Let’s face it, I looooove accents, but if I had to choose just one I think it would be British…. I dunno why, it is like a spell for me.

In winter I met R by chance, he was visiting for the weekend a friend in common. He is super sweet, he can’t dance, even if his life depended on it, he acts like the perfect gentlemen and he is not hard on the eye.

We started chatting and I knew he had won me over without even trying, he had me at hello.

We only spent one night together, that was fun and kind of sweet. He was very gentle and strangely polite for the situation, lol, like “Excuse me my dear, may I please have sex with you?” (no, he never said that, but that is how he sounded!!)

He left for England the next morning.

I was a bit surprised when he added me to FB, and even more when I got his first inbox message… he wanted to know how I was doing!!! He cared!!I had caused a bigger impression on him that I had realized… :O

Now we still write to each other every now and then, again, it is sweet, it is nice to have someone who compliments you every time you chat, it is good for my battered ego sometimes. I really don’t see the point of keeping in touch (besides the flattering comments), well…. if I ever go to UK…. 😉

I met the French boy by chance, while on holidays, and we kinda clicked, but nothing happened. Then I found out he was living in my city for a few months, so I added him to my Facebook. It took less that 1 hour to have the friend acceptance and an inbox message asking me out for a drink. Ok, he works fast!

We went out for drinks, lots of them, and of course this led to his apartment (very nice, btw). I should say here, that I had been going through a bad, bad period of no-guys-near-me for some time, due to a series of disappointing experiences that almost made me lose hope on men.

Ok then, so we had sex, and for me it felt great to break my “sex fast”, but I have to admit, it was nothing remarkable. What was remarkable for me was that he insisted that I stayed over, he wanted to sleep with me, really sleep, hug and stuff, on the first night!!! I waited for him to fall asleep and left his apartment, not without leaving a note on the fridge “hope you sleep well”, or something like that.

We almost never went out, like dinner or movies, we just had sex, and he started complaining, like a baby, that all I wanted from him was sex…  but he still called me, he still wanted to see me… hmmm

Apparently acting more detached than men do is in some way appealing to them!!! We kept seeing each other for almost two months, till he was reallocated to another city.

This was the first time I understood one thing about me: when it comes to dating, sex and stuff I tend to act more like a man than a girl. I know it sounds weird, but I am commitment-phobic, and am convinced that most men are kind of useless… so well, until I find someone worth it, they are just very fun toys to play with!!! 🙂


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