I Love Foreigners


Posted on: December 21, 2009

I did it… I sent him a Xmas e-card  that is very clear about how I feel about him (and very geeky too, it’s very “me”).

I know he won’t be checking emails for another couple of days, because he is at a conference. But I can’t wait to see his reaction… will he bo ok with it?? will he answer?? or maybe it will scare him and won’t even answer me??

I am dying a little every day that goes by, but I couldn’t see another way around it, I had to speak my mind, I couldn’t go on feeling like this and say nothing. I am seriously thinking he is the type of guy I could really fall for, but there is a kilometer-long “but” list: he is younger, he lives in another country, I know he likes me a lot, but not if he loves me, and so on and on…

I hope to have something to post about this soon… I am breaking down!

Update: he answered, he loooved my card and he misses me a lot. I still can’t tell if he misses me as friends or something else… I suck at this, love is too complicated for me.

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