I Love Foreigners

I loooove chocolate

Posted on: December 20, 2009

I think I mentioned that I like tall boys before. So, when I met this beautiful, over-2-meters-tall basketball player who had just got transferred I was mesmerised. He was very handsome, ebony black skin, perfect white teeth in a disarming smile, and a body that begged to be undressed.

He was playing in San Diego (USA), and had been transferred to my city, to play for a small, upcoming team. He was new to the city, so I kindly offered to give him a tour around 😉

Being a perfect gentleman, he didn’t kiss me until the first “official” date, that was new to me, lol. After dinner we stopped to buy some cigarettes, and I decided I wanted a small chocolate. He smiled coyly and said “so you like chocolate, huh?”, and I answered “of course, I looooove chocolate!”.

Well, after a few more subtle comments, we walked to his apartment “to watch a movie” lol. I think we began undressing in the elevator, before reaching his front door. It was like we both had been waiting for this to happen without saying it. He was tall, so I had to look up to kiss him… he lifted me by my hips and butt and I rolled my legs over him, as he struggled with my bra.

We got to the bedroom, and he laid me on the bed softly, without stopping kissing me he began unbuttoning my jeans. I was getting wet and hot, and he knew that. And I could feel his hardness against me and was making me want some of that… and I am not very patient!

So I rolled over him and reached for my purse to get a condom. To my surprise he said that he needed to use his own brand, cos regular condoms were too small… omg, could this get any better? Yes it could. It was a great feeling to be in control of such a big, strong guy, and I was not going to give that up. I took his condom, opened it and put it on him using my mouth, to which he said nothing, but a soft moan as he clasped my shoulders and arms.

I pulled myself higher, and slowly landed on his cock, slowly devouring the pleasure of feeling him inside me, going deeper and deeper.

Something about him made me feel very comfortable, uninhibited, kinky and free (even more than usual), so we went wild and happy 😉 This lasted almost two hours I think, and we were tired and sweaty, and had silly smiles of joy in our lips as we laid quietly on the bed.

I was sad to hear, one week after our encounter, that he was being transferred to another team…. in an other country!! Funny thing, whenever I see that particular type of chocolate I always think of him, and smile subtly…


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