I Love Foreigners

The Nordic lad

Posted on: December 9, 2009

I spent a month and a half in another city, working. I met lots of very nice and fun people there, mostly boys 😉

But there is one guy I really liked, the nordic lad. He had a very weird, strong accent, which I found funny. He was tall and strong, and had a great sense of humor (sarcasm, ironies, just like me!).

We hooked up at a beach party, well, actually, after the beach party. I was drunk and tired and when we were heading back to the cars, and as we waited for the girl who was driving I started complaining I was cold, so he hugged me, and the hugging evolved into kissing in no time. We got in the car, both in the back sit, and we made out till we got to my house, but I was too tired to ask him to stay, I needed my sleep!! lol

After that we kept seeing each other pretty often (almost everyday), with some other friends after work. 3 days after the kissing we were drinking in a pub and I realized I had missed my last bus home. It was not the first time, and one of my friends always offered to let me crush in their couches. This time he offered to host me, tho he forgot to mention that we were sharing his bed 😉

We walked to his place chatting, like friends, nothing unusual. We got to his place and he went for a shower and then offered me to have one, and borrowed me a big T-shirt (well, all his T-shirts are big…). When I came back into the bedroom he was in bed already,  made room for me in the bed, and when I got in he turned off the light and said good night. I was very confused, ok, we hadn’t kissed since the beach party, but there we were, him in his underwear and me in my panties and his T-shirt, sharing a bed… maybe I had got it all wrong….

Well, no I hadn’t. As we were both lying in bed, facing each other, awake, he started to slowly caress my arm, as if I would break. I returned the caressing and moved a bit closer, so he could kiss me. We rolled until he was on top of me, and I could feel his size, I was amazed… and eager to see and feel more!!

In no time we were naked (that was easy), and the first thrust was incredible, he was not only big, he was strong, and eager to have me too. He made me come 2 times before I could change positions to be on top (my old time fav). There was no stopping me now. I was ridding him like a true cowgirl, and enjoying every second, every little spasm. It was mind-blowing sex. When we were done, he looked at me and said “Girl, you are amazing”. I was thinking he was too, but I it would have sounded silly. We had a second “round” before going to sleep, and another one in the morning, before work.

When I got to my work y colleagues kept staring at me, I guess that it was because I was wearing the same dress I wore the day before, and I had a big, easy smile on my face 🙂

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