I Love Foreigners

The weird German

Posted on: December 6, 2009

I met this very cute German guy, he had been working here with computers or stuff for a couple of months and was planning to stay for 5 o 6 more. We clicked (or I thought so), and we had some hotel fun. It was nice, nothing remarkable, but very sweet and all that. We exchanged cellphones, and he texted me the following day… actually, the same day, since we had slept together!!

Ok, he is lonely and bored, I can deal with that, I am a good entertainer 😉

We made plans to go for drinks that next day, and we all know where that ends, right? next morning we wake up early cos I had a meeting before lunch. He invited me to have breakfast before I left in a nice coffee shop. We talked a lot, and we had some stuff in common, but not very relevant, like we were born with 10 days difference, stuff like that….

That week he got a bit emotional, claiming to be confused. He did not want to have sex with me if we were not going to be a serious couple. (“where the hell did that come from?”, I wondered…). He made a big speech, that he needed to be in love to have sex, and that he was doubtful about our future together (“really?? lol) cos he had to leave in a few months.

I freaked out, he was considering if we would have a long distance relationship or something like that!!! WTF??? (have I mention my phobia to commitment??)

We agreed that it was the best for both to remain just friends, tho of course I only saw him once or twice before (by chance) and didn’t talk much.

Well, you live, you learn… tho I don’t really know what I learned this time… I guess I will figure it out, eventually….

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