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A tall Canadian in a small car…

Posted on: December 6, 2009

Like a year and a half ago, I met this very cute and a little shy Canadian guy when he was here visiting some friends. He only got the courage to ask me out the day before he was leaving (I will always complain about that!).

Of course I said yes (he was so cute, tall, thin, and had boyish hair). We went for dinner and drinks at a local pub that I am starting to call home. We clicked very quickly, and had a lot of fun. After a few drinks we decided to go for a walk, cos the night was so nice. We talked and walked, and when it got chilly we went to my car, that is a small, compact car (little pollution, easy to park!).

We started making out in no time, and eventually we decided to take it to the back sit. It was hilarious to see him try to manoeuver to take off our clothes in the car. Obviously we managed to do what we were attempting to, but I regret no having had some more room, I think we could have had so much more fun. Tho the whole we-can-get-caught thing adds a bit of adrenaline 😉

Well, we never met again, but we’ve kept in touch all this time. He keeps telling me he would love to move here once he finishes his studies. I don’t really see that happening, but who knows, maybe we could finally have sex in a decent place, more comfortably (and maybe for a longer time…)


1 Response to "A tall Canadian in a small car…"

I agree. You could have done more when you were in a hotel or somewhere that has a room. hehe I’d like to think casual sex is enjoyable.

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