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The French boy

Posted on: November 30, 2009

I met the French boy by chance, while on holidays, and we kinda clicked, but nothing happened. Then I found out he was living in my city for a few months, so I added him to my Facebook. It took less that 1 hour to have the friend acceptance and an inbox message asking me out for a drink. Ok, he works fast!

We went out for drinks, lots of them, and of course this led to his apartment (very nice, btw). I should say here, that I had been going through a bad, bad period of no-guys-near-me for some time, due to a series of disappointing experiences that almost made me lose hope on men.

Ok then, so we had sex, and for me it felt great to break my “sex fast”, but I have to admit, it was nothing remarkable. What was remarkable for me was that he insisted that I stayed over, he wanted to sleep with me, really sleep, hug and stuff, on the first night!!! I waited for him to fall asleep and left his apartment, not without leaving a note on the fridge “hope you sleep well”, or something like that.

We almost never went out, like dinner or movies, we just had sex, and he started complaining, like a baby, that all I wanted from him was sex…  but he still called me, he still wanted to see me… hmmm

Apparently acting more detached than men do is in some way appealing to them!!! We kept seeing each other for almost two months, till he was reallocated to another city.

This was the first time I understood one thing about me: when it comes to dating, sex and stuff I tend to act more like a man than a girl. I know it sounds weird, but I am commitment-phobic, and am convinced that most men are kind of useless… so well, until I find someone worth it, they are just very fun toys to play with!!! 🙂


1 Response to "The French boy"

ohh.. you should have told him that you only like doing casual sex with him so he wouldn’t wait. It’s good to know that you didn’t invest too much emotions.

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